Surgical Aspirator Tip/BAG (25 PCS/BAG)

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Brilliant Shoppers’ Surgical Aspirator Tips are made with smooth edges for maximum patient comfort.

These tips fit 11mm suction holders and are molded at a 30-degree angle.

After using them you can dispose or autoclave them up to 135 degree  

Size: 1/8” diameter (Medium, White)

 Size: ¼” diameter (Large, Green)

Package: 25 PCS/BAG
Certificate: CE



Material: Polymer, high grade pp

Brand Name: Brilliant Shoppers

Made in China (Shanghai)

Colour: Green (Large: 1/4' diameter) , White (Medium: 1/8' diameter)

Package: 25 PCS/BAG

Certificate: CE

Smooth round tips to maximum patient comfort

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