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Category: Gloves

Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our most comprehensive “Dental Clinical Judgement“ course equips the candidates with the ability to diagnose, analyze, problem-solve and treatment plan according to guidelines taught to graduates of Canadian accredited dental programs. This course consists of:

  • over 110 hours of classroom lectures.
  • 3 full mock exams
  • A detailed topic-based lecture booklet and an Exercise manual with over 200 cases and questions.
  • Access to our premium instructor-moderated online group, to discuss more cases and X-rays over a period of 10 weeks.

ConfiDenitst: Study Smart, Practice with ConfiDence!



Our instructors all are highly qualified dentists who have passed AFK exam with top scores (95 and above) and practice in Toronto.

  • Dr. Mehdi Adibrad (Head Instructor)
  • Dr Soroosh Khalilnejad
  • Dr. Neda Kadivar



Item Schedule:



  • Parya Trillium Foundation, 344 John St., Markham, ON L3T 5W6
Radiology 1 Dr Soroosh
Patient Management Dr Soroosh
Pharmacology 1 Dr Mehdi
Drug prescription Dr Mehdi
Radiology 2 Dr Soroosh
Emergencies Dr Soroosh
Pathology 1 Dr Neda
Pathology 2 Dr Neda
Radiology 3 Dr Soroosh
LA Techniques Dr Soroosh
Periodontics Dr Mehdi
Pharmacology 2 Dr Mehdi
Endodontics Dr Neda
Diagnostic Tests Dr Neda
Restorative Dr Mehdi
Orthodontics Dr Mehdi
Mock exam 1 (120 questions)  
Discussion Dr Mehdi/Dr Soroosh
Mock exam 2 (120 questions)  
Discussion Dr Mehdi/Dr Soroosh
Mock exam 3 (120 questions)  
Discussion Dr Mehdi/Dr Soroosh